IT Service Packages

Customize your needs with the right package choices.

  • Installation package
  • IDR 5.000.000,-
  • One Time
  • Valid for 1 server
  • Guaranteed 3-month configuration backup
Best Seller
  • Maintenance Package
  • IDR 14.000.000,-
  • Per 6 month
  • Valid for 1 server
  • Periodic maintenance

  • Custom package
  • IDR. (Call),-
  • According to the needs
  • Customize your needs


Paket-paket ini khusus untuk jasa perawatan IT secara menyeluruh selama masa kontrak, meliputi:

  • Hardware setup, Instalasi & konfigurasi
    Melakukan setup server dari instalasi konfigurasi dan menyediakan service-service yang akan digunakan.
  • Manajemen Jaringan LAN dan Internet
    Melakukan manajemen koneksi internet dari : pembatasan quota dan bandwith internet masing-masing user security jaringan lokal area network pembatasan dan pengaturan website yang boleh diakses.
  • Manajemen Domain (DNS lokal)
  • Solusi, konsultasi dan implementasi keamanan Jaringan
    Akan memberikan solusi terbaik untuk keamanan jaringan baik dari sisi operating sistem dan aplikasi yang digunakan
  • Migrasi Windows ke Ubuntu Linux
    Profesional dalam migrasi/perpindahan dari Operating System Microsoft Windows ke Operating System Ubuntu Linux
  • Manajemen dan monitoring system
    Menyediakan tools untuk monitoring sistem baik dari sisi aplikasi, jaringan dan dari sisi Hardware.
  • Perawatan System selama Setahun
    Melakukan perawatan sistem dalam jangka waktu satu tahun dan bisa diperpanjang dalam jangka waktu yang fleksibel
  • Perawatan Perangkat Hardware.
    Perawatan perangkat keras (hardware) baik dari sisi Server, PC, Printer dan alat yang terkait dengan sistem.
  • Desktop Manajemen
    Manajemen user/grup dan Manajemen Direktori/filesharing sesuai dengan aturan yang berlaku pada perusahaan anda.

IT Optimization for your business?

The business competition requires all business owners to continue to move forward and innovate. Continuing the development of your IT systems in accordance insure that you will not left behind the competition. Have you optimized the IT system for your business?

Other Products

USB Flashdisk Product Linux Ubuntu Server & Desktop Installer LTS Version Ready to Use.

Ubuntu Server Installer

We provide the Ubuntu LTS Server Edition installer, which is packaged in a USB flash drive.

Ubuntu Desktop Installer

We provide the Ubuntu LTS Desktop Edition installer, which is packaged in a USB flash drive.

Variety of Service Options

The application of an effective and efficient IT system will significantly improve your business performance.

Internet, Intranet & Wifi Network

Internet connection provides you a wider access to information so the works will be a lot easier, faster, and more effective. With the right configuration, we can ensure every employee getting access as their needs without reducing productivity and worrying about over-billing.

Domain, Website, and Email

In business, identity is very important. And one of the ways is to have your own domain. By having your own domain, customers and clients can contact you through the website or email at, which will increase the credibility of your business.

File and Document Server

Tired of exchanging data with co-workers via CD, flash disk, or e-mail? No need, you can have your own file server. By having a centralized file server, everyone in your business can access the same data quickly and easily. Inexpensive, your file server can be up and running for the price of a single computer.

Telephone & PABX Network

Cable telephone remains a reliable communication tool and is widely used in business. By using PABX, you can optimize your fixed line so it will be billed efficiently. Just one lane for your office, it can be accessed by everyone from their respective desks.

Sharing Printers and Scanners

Many of your staff need a printer or a scanner? You don't need to provide each per person. With sharing settings, devices such as printers and scanners can be used by everyone from every computer.

Security System

Security is a very important issue, especially to protect & minimize external attacks such as viruses, trojans, scams, spam, and others on the internet network in your office so that your business & business run safely without worrying about damage to files or data generated from attacks that.

CCTV System

Have any items in your office been lost and hard to find? Installing a CCTV system is the solution. In addition to security, a good CCTV system will allow you to monitor the situation in your office.

Data Backup System

In business, data and documents are highly valuable assets. Data loss is a significant loss. Through an automatic backup system, you can make sure your data stay safe at all times.

Your Business Support Application System

With the application system, your business goes a lot faster and far efficient.

Attendance System

The attendance system ensures that you can monitor your employee attendance at work. Rewards in terms of time, schedule and presence of your staff will encourage them to continue to provide their maximum performance.

Invoice and E-Invoice System

Difficulties in issuing invoices and e-invoices? IT systems can be a solution. The right IT system will make it easier for you to issue invoices and e-invoices quickly.

Custom IT Solution

Every single company has different work styles. Whatever your business needs, we bring the appropriate IT system as the solution.

Client List

Some clients who have entrusted their IT needs to us.